The value of TASG services is, to a large degree, dependent on our client’s perceptions of our integrity, competence and objectivity. If our clients were to doubt our competence or professional care – as a result of our work for a given client, the value of our services to that client, to all other clients could drop significantly.

Accordingly, just as our clients are selective in their choice of consulting firms, TASG is “selective” in accepting clients.

Our responsibilities to existing clients that we carefully consider the nature of services we are
asked to provide and our ability to provide those services in a quality manner.

We value our reputation for quality service and believe that reputation is the basis on which we attract new clients and build our practice for the future. We are committed to rendering value for our fees and believe our clients should have a reasonable basis for making that judgment for themselves. Accordingly, we carefully evaluate the services we are asked to provide and the factors that will affect the costs we expect to incur in providing such services before we inform present and potential clients of the fees we estimate those services will entail. Once TASG undertakes a client engagement, we bring all the resources to that engagement necessary in the circumstances.